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Everything about this sauna is full of thought. Drawing best functional and spiritual elements from deep nordic, and slavic European sauna tradition, we meticulously crafted a space that is expansive and invigorating to your body, as well as free of any harmful chemicals, so you can breathe in deeply that fresh moist wood-malted air.

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Drakaris! This sauna is a beast. And a beauty. Powered by the world's most advanced hand-welded stove from our friends in Finland and coupled with our advanced fully sealed and robustly insulated envelope - we guarantee that you will know the difference from the first sweat. For those who know how to sauna - this is the sauna.

Small batch all the way

Our small batch handcrafted natural sauna is just the beginning. We help handle the project from end-to-end. From client communication and fabrication to managing shipping and assembly - we deliver the nuts and the bolts (and the heat)!


We poured over countless traditional sauna building methodologies, history, and aesthetic compositions to arrive at a fabrication process steeped in tradition. To us, a sauna is a spiritual space. We craft each one with that intention and devout attention to detail.


We sweat every detail for a picture-perfect real life experience. At Elemental we craft dwellings that fuse nature and build environments. Everything in this sauna is designed to calm and elevate


Breathe easy knowing we kept the bad stuff out. The sauna comes with no plastic foam insulation, no formaldehyde, and no off-gassing toxic chemicals.


We try to source the best natural materials, like biodegradable or carbon-neutral technologies and sustainably sourced carbon-capturing wood products


We have designed an off-grid upgrade package* able to provide hot water, electricity, heat, and waste disposal - so you can enjoy the most beautiful and remote places in the world.



Frame: Sustainably sourced 2x6 wood frame. Sheathing is the superior ZIP waterproofing system

Loads: Engineered for extreme wind and snow loads

Insulation: Mineral Wool recycled insulation with R23 rating + continuous foil-backed radiant insulation barrier


Included siding: Yaki Sugi Japanese-style charred wood siding. Class A fire rated
Upgradable to hot-rolled steel sheets

Glass: High performance double-glazed tempered glass coated with optimized U-Factor and Heat Gain Coefficient

Foundation: quick install foundation system comes shipped with the unit

Optional: sustainably sourced 100% solid bamboo rooftop or entry deck


This completely waterproof interior (so you could shower inside or dump buckets for cold plunges), features:

Included: 1x4 clear alder or cedar
Upgradable: 1x4 black alder (as in pictures)

Benches: 2x4 thermal (toxin-free and rot resistant) aspen or clear cedar

Stove: Original IKI wood-burning stove (the beast and the beauty of all stoves)

Included: Thermal aspen boards over waterproof high-temp pan liner
Upgradable: Burnished and sealed concrete floor over waterproof high-temp pan liner

Everything you need is included:

Quick foundation system, drainage, lighting, glass, window, custom door, stove, chimney, flooring, siding, cladding, artful door handles

Elemental Sauna is a space to

Configure Your Getaway

Pick your add-ons and get on-the-fly price estimates for your future retreat in the elements

Technical Drawings

Elemental Force of Nature

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Finnish IKI stove: the ultimate wood burning stove

Custom door seamlessly integrates with interior finishes

Double-glazed high performance tempered glass

Burnished and sealed waterproof concrete floor with a natural patina

Natural black wax over clear European alder 

Rot-resistant thermal aspen with no chemicals

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